There are a few basic principles for an authentic contemporary kitchen design.

The first is the idea of minimalist designs and clean lines – which is part of the reason the contemporary style remains so popular. The doors generally are a shaker style but the slab style of door can also be incorporated in this design. This minimalist approach separates the style from other “older-fashioned” designs.

Some prefer to keep the wood-grain look on the doors, but many opt for painted doors instead. These colours are often muted, with blues, whites and creams and even some light greens. The doors and cupboards in a contemporary kitchen are the star of the show for two reasons. The first is the look, which is surprisingly modern for a trend that originated from an 18th century religion. The second is the quality of the craftsmanship and materials. Many are created from the finest ash wood as well as other top quality timbers.

The main benefits of a contemporary kitchen are a timeless look. A contemporary kitchen offers a homely feel and doesn’t feel ultra-modern compared to some designs. Yet, it is unlikely to go out of fashion. This is important for the value of the home.

There’s also no excuse for an untidy kitchen ever again. If there is a cabinet for everything, and every item has its place, then the kitchen should remain tidy and inviting. It should also be easy to find appliances, utensils and other items.

Like all of our ranges, these kitchens are built to last. That top craftsmanship and use of materials has many long-term benefits. These doors should remain functional and beautiful for a long time to come.

If contemporary is your fancy then you will find exactly what you’re looking for in our range.

Below are some examples of contemporary kitchens.


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